About The Author

Salome Kassa

Salome has been a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a wholisticnutritionist. Ballroom dancing is my hobby. She loves all kinds of music thatmakes her want to get up and move. She also likes to travel and do voluntary social work often. But aboveall, it is reading a captivating story that is like fine dining to me, a feast to remember.

When She was a kid, one of her aunts – who was a great storyteller – would come for a visit, She would beg and cling to her until she would tell me a story or two. She believes her love of reading and writing was instilled in her during those early times.

Writing Fanaye – Standing Strong has been one of her most satisfying experiences. She hopes readers also enjoy the novel while they catch a glimpse of my Ethiopian culture. For Salome, reading about other people’s lives while gaining a vision of their cultures has always been like taking a magical trip.